About Green Energy Platform

Green Energy Platform Kyrgyzstan is an online trading platform (marketplace), created by the Center for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to bring together suppliers, manufacturers, experts, educational and financial institutions to develop the renewable energy market, green technologies and energy efficient solutions for households and enterprises in Kyrgyzstan.

The marketplace offers buyers - households, small and medium-sized businesses in the field of tourism and agriculture, the following advantages:

  • get full information about green technologies and renewable energy,
  • receiving answers to specific questions from experts
  • comparison of prices of different suppliers and manufacturers,
  • real customer reviews, product and supplier ratings,
  • information about installed demo systems,
  • payment in cash, by credit card, through the Paybox system or through a loan in microfinance institutions or banks,
  • ordering delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment and
  • The ability to leave reviews about suppliers and products and become "experts" by creating text and video materials.

We invite suppliers, manufacturers, installers, transport companies, financial institutions and experts to register on the platform to attract customers and cooperate within the Platform and register demonstration sites on the RES map to disseminate information about their "green" products and services.

The marketplace was created as part of the UNDP-OFID project "Development of small and medium-sized businesses for access to energy" for Kyrgyzstan. The marketplace is currently being updated and expanded to include suppliers from Tajikistan (Green Energy Tajikistan) and Uzbekistan ( "Green Energy" Uzbekistan) with the support of the EU SWITCH Asia Initiative "Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Production in the Tourism Sector at the Community Level in Central Asia”, implemented by ACTED.

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